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DAY 36 | FIXING YOUR HORMONES: Insulin-Resistance & Hormones

Welcome to Day 36 of our journey to FIRE Diabetes In 40 Days.

We trust you are persevering with your 72 hours fast. Today will convince you even more why to need to hang in there!

Your body is in dynamic balance. This means that, on the surface, things seem the same day after day, but underneath, there are often violent clashes of forces. The beauty of our human design is that we are mostly not aware of these storms, we only see the calm surface.

The body uses all sorts of measures to adapt to its often rapidly changing environment. Hormones represent one of the most intricate balancing mechanisms inside of us. But the function of hormones is not just to adapt to the environment. Hormones want to rule the world… Your hormones also push you to change your environment.

When you fall in love, those hormones make you move heaven and earth to be with your beloved. And when you fall out of love, again, but in the opposite direction. That was just one example.

What few people realise is that innocent ol’ insulin is one of two key hormones that is involved in virtually every hormone system in the body. The other hormone is cortisol. You can call them the “evil twins”, since, as a team, they wreak havoc on your body. Huh? Aren’t insulin and cortisol medicines? Aren’t they good for you? The answer may surprise you. Insulin and cortisol are only good for the body in small doses and for short periods of time.

Your body was never designed to keep its balance in a world of sugar and stress.

Watch our video on Fixing Hormones, but here is a little something we don’t cover in great detail in the video. It may be relevant to you. In today’s handout we discuss how the FIRE lifestyle can help a fairly common disease among women nowadays, namely something going by the acronym PCOS, which is short for poly-cystic ovarian syndrome.


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