FIRE Journey 1 of 0
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All you have to do this week is to prepare and eat the food we prescribed. And to provide the team with feedback so that we can support you adequately.

This week we will discuss another 7 F-words in the process to FIRE Diabetes in 40 Days.

15 Saturday FIRE up your body: Fitness Facts
16 Sunday Free Your Spirit: Blow Away Your Diabetes
17 Monday Flattening the Curve: Losing Weight On The FIRE Diet
18 Tuesday Fighting fit: The Links Between Diet, Exercise And Heart Disease
19 Wednesday Fine foods Part 1: Micronutrients And Supplements
20 Thursday Fine foods Part 2: Micronutrients And Supplements
LIVE online discussion
21 Friday Finding Food Facts: Reading Fine Print On Food Labels
Foodie’s Delight: From the Chef’s Kitchen


Programme: Week 3