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DAY 39 | FINAL APPROACH: Planning For The Future

Welcome to Day 39 of our journey to FIRE Diabetes In 40 Days.

In pilot language, the final approach is when your plane is ready to land.u00a0 You’re still in the air, but you’re committed to land. There’s no turning back. As a passenger, you may feel that little is happening, but the pilot has to check many things to ensure a safe landing. Wheels are out, flaps extended, etc., etc.u00a0 Now is not the time to relaxu2026

A good final approach makes all the difference between a hard and a soft landing.

Today is your final approach. Tomorrow, we touch down after a whirlwind journey.u00a0 You’ve seen a lot, you’ve learnt a lot. But a few important things still have to happen to make sure the landing is smooth and graceful.


  1. Access youru00a0FIRE Mapu00a0for todayu00a0(bottom of this page).
    Watchu00a0todayu2019s videou2026or listen to the podcast on Soundcloudu00a0(nothing to FIRE the traffic, like our daily podcasts)
    Readu00a0todayu2019s handout
    Complete the form and do your planning!
  2. Implementu00a0youru00a0Tips to FIREu00a0Diabetes, today!
  3. Daily Check-In bonus! Those who complete their daily check-ins and other forms today and tomorrow will receive our amazing Food on FIRE recipe e-book free of charge!
  4. Join theu00a0FIRE Circle invitation and reach us on the Other Side!
  5. Remember, tomorrow is your next 23 hour fast. Youu2019ll eat breakfast, and then again, breakfast the following morning.
  6. Ask a questionu00a0to the FIRE Diabetes team or leave a comment.